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Heather Wilson
08 September 2026 @ 03:20 pm

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Heather Wilson
07 July 2011 @ 09:05 pm
Friends List....

I would love for you all to meet....

AbbyCollapse )

And for those NCIS fans out there. Yes, she's named after that Abby. She's still quite scared. She's been under the bed since we got home. I was quite worried for a bit, but she is eating and drinking water. So i'm confident that once the curiosity outweighs the fear she'll be out. she's already gone from the center to near the edge.

LOL i was kinda hoping she was a he. If so, i'd have named him Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Or DiNozzo. I wasn't sure. lol. UM... Trey is Enthralled. But he's doing better than i had anticipated so far.

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Heather Wilson
21 January 2009 @ 02:18 pm
Some more icons. Feel free to take,

Includes, but not limited to,

Gone with the wind
Drop Dead Fred
A Cinderella Story
Monsters Inc
Almost Famous
Random pics from Google.com/image search

LOTS of icons!Collapse )

Enjoy these... Let me know what you're taking! Dont forget to credit!

*all pics retrieved from Google Image search, textless are not bases. Please dont re-edit them.
Borders from deviantart.com*
Heather Wilson
20 January 2009 @ 08:38 pm
Feel free to take, just comment and let me know which ones you take and pls credit me!


Heather Wilson
28 July 2008 @ 11:57 am
So i decided while im not busy, waiting on an appt to go over MRI and EEG results, I'd go ahead and post the birth story. So I got to the hospital at 5am like i was supposed to. They did my intial paperwork and then started to put the IV into my left arm. I had my husband hold my right hand and just as she got the IV into my arm my husband fainted (Poor thing had forgotten to eat and hadnt felt well all morrning and i didn't know it.) She hit a valve in my vein and had to switch to my right hand.. (So i got to feel the pain twice! Yay for valves.. NOT) By 5:45 I was on the Pitocin drip. They upped my Pitocin 2 notches every 30 mins or so. after about an hour on the drip i had regular contractions 2-3 mins apart. They werent very painful, i'd say maybe a 1 or 2 on pain scale. By 11 ish they decided to go ahead and give me my epidural. ( i could have gone without for a while b/c my water hadn't broken and the contractions werent too bad.) because the guy would be busy later. They had some trouble getting the epidural in like they wanted to, but finally they got it to work and all was well. about thirty mins later they decided to go ahead and break my water so my labor would speed up. (then the contractions intensified, but i couldnt really feel them. Just felt the muscles contract and some pressure. thats all) This continued most of the day until about 8pm or so. Then the epidural started to wear off and then the dr had to push the button again. (Whew!) the contractions kept intensifiying and the pressure was starting to get worse. By 9:30pm i was wanting to push. about 9:45 i started pushing. about 9:50 they discovered he was stuck and two nurses had to be on top of me pushing while the dr had a vaccuum trying to get him un-stuck (by this time it was too late for a C-Section.. he was stuck either way). Once He crowned I pushed him out on my own. My little boy was born at 10:08pm. 8lbs 7oz. I couldnt really have asked for a more perfect labor. Most of the day i was extremely comfortable. I was only really hurting for about 2 hours or so. Only really miserable for about an hour. It was after he was born that everything went wrong. at some point after his birth the Ped. Dr came up to me and my husband and told us that he would not make it and they would clean him up so we could hold him as he passed. This is where everything gets fuzzy and i dont remember much between then and the next day. about an hour later they decided to take me down to see him instead of bringing him back up because it would be easier. He was so swollen. He had a Temporary Trach and the pneumothorax tube in his side. IV's everywhere. Then they told me they were sending him to Vanderbilt. Angel 1 was coming to get him. Details i found out later: He was stuck far too long. My baby was actually Stillborn. After 20 mins or so they were finally able to resuscitate him. He had a pneumothorax (air outside of lungs. probably from resuscitation), acid in his blood (from not having oxygen, his body used acid from organs instead of oxygen), and had to be on a trach ventilator and a pneumothorax tube. The right drs were there at the right time. any amount of time longer and my baby would not be alive right now. Many other drs would have given up. Thank GOD they didnt give up. Drs are now saying that Trey is out of acute survival stage. Looks like he'll survive, but have many problems. We dont know what problems yet. We sit down with Dr. at 2pm and go over test results and we'll know more then. Its really hard to look at normal healthy babies at times. because if Trey hadnt gotten stuck, he would have been a normal healthy baby. All his problems are because he got stuck. Its really hard not to blame myself or get angry at the dr. (im not angry with him becuase there was no way to know he would get stuck until it was too late.) Im coping with all this the best i can, but its really hard to look at my son and know that He may never get to enjoy the little things that most kids get to do. But at least i have my little boy. I am so thankful to God and these Drs for saving my little boy. He is beautiful and Precious and if he didnt have the IVs, you would think he was a normal healthy baby.

Edited to add, Information i've been given since then: Drs had offically called a time of death, My OB then stepped in and pleaded with them to try one more time. just a minute or two later is when they got his heart started.

Edited also to add: In the Hospital, Trey rapidly improved. Daily. What was expected to be a little boy with many problems turned out to be a little boy with seemingly nothing wrong with him Praise God!
Heather Wilson
13 May 2008 @ 03:38 pm
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
I hope this letter finds you well and happy. Knowing myself, I am probably sitting beside you watching you read this, crying [or about to.] There are no words to really express how I feel right now writing this, (because right now, you are playing in my belly!)
I am now 29 weeks pregnant with you, a little over 7 months. I have a little over 2 months left until I get to meet you and hold you. I am SO excited! Never in my life have I ever felt so much for one thing or one person. The past 7 months has been an incredible journey and I am looking forward to the rest of my life being your mom. To continue... click here!Collapse )
Shortly after that the fear set in. I was terrified of losing you. Not just scared, nervous, or worried. Terrified. Weeks 8-11 were the toughest weeks for me. I did a lot of praying and a lot of begging God to let me keep you. I had no complications, nothing to make me think I was going to miscarry again, but I was still terrified. After I passed week 12 I calmed down quite a bit, (although I still worried a lot. In fact I still worry a lot, and I imagine ill still worry this much about you when you are reading this.)
Ill never forget the first time I realized I could feel you moving. I was half asleep in bed, and felt this feeling like popcorn popping in my lower stomach. It went on for about a minute or two, and it dawned on me that it was you! I was so excited I wanted to shout from the mountains that everything was going to be okay! I was about 17 or 18 weeks by that point… by the time I was 19 weeks at the dr. I was feeling you move at least once every couple of days. We had an ultrasound at 19 weeks (3/6/08) to check on your growth and gender. It was decided that you were most likely a boy (you were very stubborn and wouldn’t clearly show us) and that you were healthy and active!
Around week 24 I started really showing. People could finally tell I was pregnant! I was happy (most days) about it because frankly I was tired of convincing people I really was pregnant! Mostly I was happy because it reassured me that you were growing. I was (and to a degree, still am) worried about your size. I worried that you weren’t big enough. That you weren’t growing like you should.
            So your dad let me get a 4d ultrasound! I got to see your face! I also got to know for sure you were a boy, because you wanted the whole world to know, for twenty minutes I got to look at a beautiful, healthy, sleeping baby boy that God gave to me. I was on cloud nine on the way home. I couldn’t stop looking at the pictures. Your dad says you have my nose, but we’ll see!    
After that everything has gone by so fast. Its unbelievable that I’m this far along already. I still remember telling my parents and your dad’s parents about the pregnancy and feeling that I still had forever to wait. Now I only have 10 and ½ weeks left. Wow.
Its hard to imagine, but I already love you. I already cry when I think about you leaving home, going to college, getting married, having babies of your own. Man, you haven’t been born yet and I still don’t want to let you go. (I’ll go ahead and apologize for crying so much while you grow up, I know I’m going to). I enjoy every minute of sitting around and feeling you kick and play, or hiccup, or shiver (or whatever that is you do), I didn’t enjoy a lot of the pregnancy symptoms, but you sure are worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything (not even a hundred million dollars!)
I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of loser for writing you this letter. If so, ill chalk it up to you being a teenager and you’ll feel differently later. (probably wont be true, but its what ill tell myself. Just let me… your life will be easier that way.) This is just something for me to give you, to show you how special you are to me!!
Love Always,
Your Mother!
Heather Wilson
16 March 2005 @ 11:08 am
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FO banner made by decapit8edfairi GO FIGURE! HAHA

1.be nice, no rude comments just to be rude.
2.humor- its a good thing, use it.
3.try to comment some in my journal. i try to comment in everyone else's. all i ask is to try.
4.no personal attacks. if you have a problem with me, look up my im address in my userinfo.
5.LOVE ME! *i know... you already do. you cant be blamed. its a natural thing! haha jk... but...follow rules 1-4 and i should be fine.

if you break my rules i shall....do nothing....but i'd be very sad...do you want that?

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